Body Shaming

The definition of body shaming is pretty self-explanatory, it’s shaming someone for their body type, it’s making someone feel ashamed of the way their body looks like. A lot of people find reason why they feel allowed to talk about other peoples weight or looks, but obviously body shaming is just plain wrong.


The Truth Behind The Online Beauty Industry

Lovely people of the internet,
I have to admit, I spend a huge amount of my spare time watching Youtube, beauty videos in particular, which make me want to spend my hard earned cash on expensive beauty products rather than food. I was sweet-talked by beauty gurus explaining to me the necessity of dewy skin and red lips accompanied by ukulele music. I was contemplating about how to get rid of my non-existing (not yet anyways) wrinkles, always on the hunt for the perfect eye cream (which you definitely need to use after you turn 21, they said!), when it hit me: I was sucked into the world of beauty and been whored out by hauls.
Girls just wanna have Funds