Creative Procrastination

I’ve always loved writing and being creative, however, I sometimes struggle and curse it more often than I praise it. The feeling of sitting in front of your computer screen or notebook with a need to be creative, but instead my fingers remain on the keyboard uninspired and unsure.

Writing is the only talent I have in the arts department, I’m not a singer, a filmer and especially not painter. Therefore, when the writers block hits, I feel frustrated, afraid of being untalented. Instead, I shouldn’t be worried, I should tell myself to be more patiened, to wait for it all to unlock itself. I need to stop forcing myself to create and let the creativity evolve bit itself.

We are often foolish in that we let our obsession with creation, following the force of sizzling anxiety and adrenaline to put the intangible into a product, take over the bare materials we need to do it well: living. Taking stock and thinking. Reading, watching, crying, eating.

Our brains don’t just stop because we’re not wrist deep in paint or late night loomed in stanzas. They’re preparing for the next project. They’re recuperating, tidying tiny pieces into their boxes to make enough room to lay out the new ones.

Stop watching the black lines on an empty document dance, put your pen away, let something real bother you.

You’ll create when it’s right, push yourself when you feel, but don’t forget it’s okay not to live it all the time.

Stop sprinting for the exhibition, you’ll run straight past it.


Toughts on Paris.

I often wonder how you should be able to continue to live your life contentedly, as if nothing earth shattering was happening in front of your door every minute. How am I able to smile, when all really I want to do is show compassion and digest everything what has happened in the safety of my own home.

 Is it reasonable to laugh out loud, to enjoy breakfast, to relish a sunny day with everything that has happened the past days? I think so. Now more than ever. After all, they should not win by taking things that are most important in our lifes: The joy, that we’re alive and are able to enrich the time and lives of others. With our hearts, visually and lyrically we need to show them how beautiful life is and how important it is to stand together, rather than against each other.
Obviously sometimes, time has to stand still and we need to fathom what has happened and what we’re actually doing here. But we must never unsell ourselves on enjoying life with all its wonderful moments and never just look at it from afar without participating fully. We should set an example for everyone, face hatred and anger with happiness and should not let them heist everything we’ve accomplished so far. Paris, and all it’s magic and beauty, will rise again. Perhaps differently, perhaps more intense, perhaps more beautiful and this should be our goal.
I carry a piece of sadness in my heart, but the greater part of me wants life to consist of more than just one story. Our life is too good and too important to just hand it over to terrorists. We should not let them win. ♥

September Goals

I’ve been super busy lately, I moved apartments and even towns. I switched my 1 bedroom apartment for a 3 bedroom one, but am now sharing it with the bf. I’ve never lived with a significant other before, but so far it’s going really well, I’d say! I also finally finished university, so there’s that. Uni has been a big part of my life for quite some time now and although I am really chuffed it’s finished, I kinda feel empty without it. It’s been such a long few months, it was that sort of worry that really gets you down until you can’t properly focus anymore. Anyway, it’s sorted now, and I can focus on living my life again, having fun and making adult decisions.


The Truth Behind The Online Beauty Industry

Lovely people of the internet,
I have to admit, I spend a huge amount of my spare time watching Youtube, beauty videos in particular, which make me want to spend my hard earned cash on expensive beauty products rather than food. I was sweet-talked by beauty gurus explaining to me the necessity of dewy skin and red lips accompanied by ukulele music. I was contemplating about how to get rid of my non-existing (not yet anyways) wrinkles, always on the hunt for the perfect eye cream (which you definitely need to use after you turn 21, they said!), when it hit me: I was sucked into the world of beauty and been whored out by hauls.
Girls just wanna have Funds


Happy Valentine’s Day to Yourself!

Lovely people of the internet,

don’t get your hopes up just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Your partner will still love you as much any other day of the year or you will still be single with your cat and jar of Nutella. Someday everything will make sense and you’ll be high on insouciance and jauntiness.

Love yourself


Hello New Book, Bye Bye Sleep: 10 Books to Read in 2015

Love for Books

Lovely people of the internet,

as I already told you, I am desperately planning on finishing my university degree in the next couple of months. Actually, I just handed in my thesis registration, she says totally shocked about that she is ACTUALLY finishing uni soon… (more…)