What is Love: January Beauty Favorites 2015

Lovely people of the internet,

welcome to my first ever beauty favorites. There are a lot of things I love and about which I want to tell you all about, but let’s just start what I’ve been particularly loving in January beauty-wise.




The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer: My Favorite Drugstore Concealer Duo

2015/01/img_6016.jpg Lovely people of the internet,

today I want to share my secret about my favorite drugstore concealer duo. I am blessed, or may I say cursed, with really bad dark circles under my eyes. My doctor says it’s because my skin is too thin and too fair #palegirlproblems So trust me, I tried A LOT of concealers and know what really works and what fades away after an hour and leaves you looking like a heroine chic model from the 90s.