My weekend according to my iPhone 

Well, as you all know Christmas is arriving pretty soon. Living in a traditional country such as Germany, it’s no wonder that I’m totally obsessed with it – Christmas markets, mulled wine, waffles, the lot. So last weekend we went to a traditional Christmas market near Frankfurt, baked Christmas cookies, got our little tree up and decorated and even managed to catch up with some old friends at Wiesbaden Christmas market too, which is very beautiful by the way. I hope you enjoy this little selection of pictures, I will report back after my surprise birthday weekend in Munich. 



What is Love: January Beauty Favorites 2015

Lovely people of the internet,

welcome to my first ever beauty favorites. There are a lot of things I love and about which I want to tell you all about, but let’s just start what I’ve been particularly loving in January beauty-wise.



The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer: My Favorite Drugstore Concealer Duo

2015/01/img_6016.jpg Lovely people of the internet,

today I want to share my secret about my favorite drugstore concealer duo. I am blessed, or may I say cursed, with really bad dark circles under my eyes. My doctor says it’s because my skin is too thin and too fair #palegirlproblems So trust me, I tried A LOT of concealers and know what really works and what fades away after an hour and leaves you looking like a heroine chic model from the 90s.