California Dreaming

A couple of weeks ago, me and the bf went on a trip to California. Well actually to Nevada AND California, but you’ll see.

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My weekend according to my iPhone 

Well, as you all know Christmas is arriving pretty soon. Living in a traditional country such as Germany, it’s no wonder that I’m totally obsessed with it – Christmas markets, mulled wine, waffles, the lot. So last weekend we went to a traditional Christmas market near Frankfurt, baked Christmas cookies, got our little tree up and decorated and even managed to catch up with some old friends at Wiesbaden Christmas market too, which is very beautiful by the way. I hope you enjoy this little selection of pictures, I will report back after my surprise birthday weekend in Munich. 


Travelling The World On A Budget

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to travel loads, I had trips planned in my mind to Greece, Switzerland, Rome, London and Bali (read about it here), one of them I actually already accomplished in real life! If it was up to me, I’d travel to a different place at least once each month, but obviously I don’t own a cash cow, so it’s really important for me to keep my budget in control. Therefore, in the meantime I’ve become very good at going places on a budget, so I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve learned on the way!


Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Bali Impressions

Recently I went on a wonderful trip to Bali, Indonesia. It was magical and I loved every second of it. Unfortunately, I did not cure my wanderlust at all, but make it even worse… Here are some pictures for you to share the beauty of Bali (all taken on an iPhone 5, so don’t mind the quality) Oh, and with this trip, I checked the first stop off my top 5 travel spots of 2015! Whoop! ♥


A Food Guide to Bali

For the past two weeks, I’ve been exploring the beautiful island of Bali with the bf. I know this is no excuse for being literally invisible to my blog for weeks, but life happened. I had to write my thesis and I am actually very proud I finished it. Now, I am able to concentrate on things I love doing again, which basically means blogging and traveling. Oh and looking for a job. So, if you got one, hook me up 😉 But let’s not drift off too far, let’s talk about healthy-ish food in Bali!


Our hotel, the Astagina Resort Villa and Spa was located in Legian, which is basically in between Kuta (the party mecca of Bali) and Seminyak (hipster area). As our hotel was still in its soft-opening phase, we were able to afford this 5 star beauty for once! We really loved everything about it, the amazing pool, very friendly staff, clean rooms and delicious breakfast.. I would very much recommend this place to EVERYONE.


Top 5 Places to Visit in 2015

Lovely people of the internet,

as you know by now, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug quite badly. All I want to do is pack my bags and travel the world. Unfortunately, there’s real life, responsibilities, university, pennilessness. If I could, I’d visit at least 10 countries a year, if not more. However, in 2014 I wasn’t able to do much traveling due to prior reasons and only made it to Belgium and the Netherlands, which is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I’d rather take a plane to the States or Fiji.

Plane over Singapore


Ants in the Pants: Why I Would Move to Australia in a Heartbeat


Lovely people of the internet,

after finishing secondary school in September 2006 I flew to Australia for 9 month. What was meant to be an au-pair stay, turned into the adventure of a lifetime! I was 20 at the time and needed to find my place in the world, needed to figure out what I wanted to do, if I wanted to study, and if so what. Australia was my safe place, my escape from reality. Not knowing what to expect, I booked my ticket impulsively and left for Sydney a week after, by myself. The furthest I’ve gone by the time was to Spain, with my grandparents and to Croatia with friends for 2 weeks. Luckily, on my second day, I met what is to this day my best friend. I was meant to stay in Sydney and work for at least 5 month, but when she asked me if I’d wanted to travel to Melbourne with her, YES seemed to be the perfect answer. So I ditched my plans for money, accommodation, safety and left for the unknown. Everything was a haze of parties, fun, meeting great people, beautiful locations, enjoying ourselves. (more…)