Creative Procrastination

I’ve always loved writing and being creative, however, I sometimes struggle and curse it more often than I praise it. The feeling of sitting in front of your computer screen or notebook with a need to be creative, but instead my fingers remain on the keyboard uninspired and unsure.

Writing is the only talent I have in the arts department, I’m not a singer, a filmer and especially not painter. Therefore, when the writers block hits, I feel frustrated, afraid of being untalented. Instead, I shouldn’t be worried, I should tell myself to be more patiened, to wait for it all to unlock itself. I need to stop forcing myself to create and let the creativity evolve bit itself.

We are often foolish in that we let our obsession with creation, following the force of sizzling anxiety and adrenaline to put the intangible into a product, take over the bare materials we need to do it well: living. Taking stock and thinking. Reading, watching, crying, eating.

Our brains don’t just stop because we’re not wrist deep in paint or late night loomed in stanzas. They’re preparing for the next project. They’re recuperating, tidying tiny pieces into their boxes to make enough room to lay out the new ones.

Stop watching the black lines on an empty document dance, put your pen away, let something real bother you.

You’ll create when it’s right, push yourself when you feel, but don’t forget it’s okay not to live it all the time.

Stop sprinting for the exhibition, you’ll run straight past it.



  1. My biggest issue right now, with blogging in particular, is that I’ll think of something I want to write about, but I’m not in a position to sit and type it out right then. By the time I get to it, I can’t remember half of what I wanted to say in the first place. I jokingly tell people that my brain is like lightning…a brilliant flash, and then it’s gone. I stole that from somewhere but I don’t remember where. 😊

    1. I’m exactly the same! Also I work as a marketing manager, so I have to be creative all the time which doesn’t leave me wanting to be creative with my blog anymore! Need to get back in the game thou, cause I really enjoy blogging! xx

      1. Wow, I can imagine why your down time might feel like work in that case! I blog for my own sanity rather than for a living or anything, so there’s less pressure there, but it’s still frustrating to want to do it and not be able to. Good luck to you!

      2. I started blogging for my own sanity and creativity output too, but then I started this job 😂 it’s fine thou, I usually write texts for websites, flyers and stuff, so “luckily” I don’t have to blog for work 😉 good luck finding sanity, hope I’ll find mine too, soon! xx


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