Body Shaming

The definition of body shaming is pretty self-explanatory, it’s shaming someone for their body type, it’s making someone feel ashamed of the way their body looks like. A lot of people find reason why they feel allowed to talk about other peoples weight or looks, but obviously body shaming is just plain wrong.
I’ve recently watched a video on Youtube by the self-proclaimed “comedian” Nicole Arbour called “Dear Fat People”. I’ve pondered a lot about whether to talk about it or not, but it just makes me so angry to hear someone talk about people’s weight in such a mean and uneducated way. Obviously I don’t now Nicole personally, and I’m also a fan of provocative comedy, but this is just too much.
In this particular case, Nicole tells heavy-weight people to just “stop being fat”, which pretty much translates to stop being a human being. Stop having emotional issues, stop having an illness, stop being yourself.
I’ve struggled with weight myself, yoyo-ing up and down the scale for various reasons, and somehow, people always felt the need to comment on it, whether it was about how much weight I’ve apparently gained or how skinny I looked. Recently, there’ve been a lot of comments by friends about me being too skinny, which I can’t understand because I’m still at a very healthy weight and didn’t diet or force my body to loose pounds. And to be quite honest those comments stuck in my head for quite some time. They made me feel bad about myself, let me contemplate about if my body was healthy, if I needed to change my habits. But then again, if those people saw me naked, they would know for a fact that I’m in no way too skinny. Like every woman, I also deal with cellulite and pockets of fat, and am one of those women who put most of their food onto their upper legs and tummy.
The problem I have with talking about someones weight is, that you never know their particular story. They might struggle with depression, they might have an eating disorder, they might have an organ disfunction, they might just have a good or bad metabolism, there are so many good reasons why someone’s weight does not concern other peoples life.
The internet and comedy are really powerful tools and I wish we would use it more respectfully and to do good instead of disrespect other people and shame them into dark places.
If you’re judging someone or saying negative things about someone’s body type, just because they don’t fit your personal preferences or your personal view on what beauty is or what society even brainwashed you to think beauty is, you need to shut up. Let’s celebrate different dress sizes and body shapes and support people around us. Let’s all try to support each other and spread positivity. ♥



  1. Warum ist es nicht in Ordnung, über das Gewicht eines anderen zu reden ohne dabei jemanden speziell zu nennen? Besonders als Comedian? Immerhin machen das Leute bei uns auch und in den USA sieht die Situation nochmal ganz anders aus. Da geht es nicht um einen BMI von 25 oder 28, sondern um BMIs von 35 oder 40, weil die Leute dort viel dicker als in Deutschland sind. Hier geht es nicht um 20-30 kg mehr, sondern um hunderte. Man muss den gesellschaftlichen Kontext verstehen, der in den USA ganz anders ist als hier.

    “Let’s celebrate different dress sizes and body shapes and support people around us.” Nein, das werde ich garantiert nicht tun. Wenn jemand zu dick ist, ist das ungesund und extrem gefährlich. Genauso wenn jemand zu dünn ist. Das auch noch zu befürworten wäre genau der falsche Schritt. Ich habe nichts gegen unterschiedliche Kleidergrößen oder Körperformen, solange sie sich im Bereich des Normalgewichts bewegen, aber wenn jemand nicht mehr fähig ist, allein zu laufen und sich ein kleines…wie nennt man die Dinger? Ach egal.

    Auf jeden Fall ist es falsch zu sagen: Es ist okay so, wie du bist, auch wenn du zu schwer bist, weil das genau der falsche Weg ist! Ärzte würden sich die Haare raufen. Die würden nämlich sagen: “Sie müssen dringend abnehmen und regelmäßig Sport machen, denn Ihr Herz leidet darunter”

    Klar, es gibt immer Ausnahmen: Krankheiten, Depressionen usw., aber das ist nicht die Regel! Nur weil es diese Fälle gibt, darf man trotzdem allgemein etwas dagegen sagen.

    Natürlich ist es nicht in Ordnung, einen Einzelnen persönlich zu seinem Gewicht zu kommentieren außer man gehört in den “engsten” Familienkreis. Aber das wird in dem Video doch nicht getan, oder?

    In den USA ist eine Gesellschaft entstanden, die Übergewicht akzeptiert und mit einer besonderen Behandlung sogar fördert und dagegen muss einfach etwas gesagt werden.

    1. Wenn ein Arzt dir ins Gewissen redet und sagt, dass dein Körper in Gefahr ist, ist es eine andere Sache. Wieso ist es an dir Menschen auf ihr Gewicht anzusprechen, sie wissen sicherlich selbst was die Waage anzeigt. Mir geht es auch nicht um extreme wie mager- oder Fettsucht, sondern um die Diskussion um Gewicht allgemein.

  2. “The problem I have with talking about someones weight is, that you never know their particular story. They might struggle with depression, they might have an eating disorder, they might have an organ disfunction, they might just have a good or bad metabolism, there are so many good reasons why someone’s weight does not concern other peoples life.”

    THIS! This is EVERYTHING!!! I cannot for the life of me understand how more people can’t see this as common sense – there is no possible way that someone else’s weight is affecting your life, so mind your own business and don’t talk about it!!! ARGH!!

    1. People need to understand as well that body shaming is not only shaming heavy weights but also light weights. I’m just sick of people commenting on other peoples appearance. Just stop and concentrate on your own goals. I’ve recently been to an outdoor festival and made the comment that I was a bit cold. Then a girl a barely know (and who has been really nice the entire time) advises me to start eating so that I’m not cold anymore. Like what? Maybe I’m anorexic, maybe a family member just died, my boyfriend broke up with me, I struggle with my metabolism, or in my real case just switched birth control and lost 4 pounds of water in my body. Mind your own business. OR be nice!

  3. This is amazing ! Honestly, I have no idea how that ‘comedian’ has any audience – let alone the amount she does – I’ve watched a few of her videos before, she literally sets out to make offensive and controversial content, it is so upsetting and ridiculous. WHY DOES BODY SHAMING STILL EXIST ! aaargh

    1. Literally. I didn’t link her video on purpose to not sponsor her life by views…. I’m not usually the kind of person who makes response blog posts to other people’s content, however this time, I just couldn’t help myself. She couldn’t have done it in any ruder or disrespecting way! Ugh!

  4. Thank you! I deal with this a lot, since I work in an office with personalities that have no filter and *tons* of opinions. I also want to add in that this needs to include body shaming in the form of wardrobe criticism. Last week on Facebook there was a loooong discussion about how leggings are not pants and I don’t want to see this that or the other thing. The truth is that no one cares if you’re attractive and thin, but bigger people are a problem. To the point that this ridiculous discussion took place. Really? Come on folks.

    1. True that! Just leave people do their own thing and concentrate on how to improve and live your own life. I’m really sick of people like Nicole who are self proclaimed comedians but in fact push people in closets and make them feel bad about themselves. Also stereotypes can fuck off.


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