A Weekend in Paris 

Last weekend I went to Paris for a long weekend with the bf. It’s safe to say that it was magical, it’s the city of love after all.

The original plan was to drive to Strasbourg and Alsace and see where the wind takes us. After a gorgeous day and night in Strasbourg however, we spontaneously decided to book ourselves a hotel room in Paris for the remaining days. We quickly discovered the Hotel des 3 Poussins and we were not disappointed at all. It’s located in the Montmatre/Saint George area, but in the non-touristy part of it. By foot it’s approx. 30 min to the Rue de Rivoli (main shopping area) or Notre Dame. The staff was amazingly helpful and the hotel itself was really stylish and clean. The rooms were astonishingly big, at least for Paris, and it’s safe to say that the Hotel des 3 Poussins was the best hotel in Paris I’ve stayed in so far – we will definitely come back! Pro tip: If you book last minute, they have amazing offers on their homepage, instead of the usual 200€, we only paid 80€ a night (including breakfast – they serve crêpes!), which is obviously such a bargain!!!

All in all, Paris is really beautiful – especially to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle every full hour at night will take your breath away. Unfortunately, I’m not able to show you pictures, as France officially denies everyone the rights on pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night.

As we didn’t plan ahead, we just wandered around the city and discovered it’s beauty by foot (at least 15 km every day!). We obviously paid a visit to the main sights: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Centre Pompidou, the Seine, the Champs-Élysée or the Louvre. However, we also spotted cool street art and the average Parisian enjoying in his natural habitat. I just love the French culture, they just seem at ease all the time, sipping their coffee and talking about art and life.

Another highlight and must-see in Paris is Ladurée. It’s THE tea-room and patisserie in Paris which serves the best macarons ever. It was so good, we even went there twice. First and foremost for the macarons, we decided to go for the flavours chocolate, pistachio, earl grey, salted caramel, raspberry and vanilla and it’s safe to say that they tasted heavenly. For the second time, we went for a proper afternoon tea in the Galeries Lafayette, Ladurée has a hidden branch in the first floor. Even though Ladurée is quite expensive, we wanted to treat ourselves and were not disappointed, even the tea tasted delicious. Definitely check it out when you’re in Paris and need a nice treat for yourself!

Paris is also famous for fashion and shopping in general, so that’s what I did. I kind of felt obligated to shop some clothes, as I wanted to take home the Parisian feeling and preserve it in my closet. When we hit up the Galeries Lafayette, my eyes started to sparkle: Jo Malone, Aesop, Nars, you name it, I seriously had to contain myself not to spend all my money on those goodies. I was in heaven. I stand in awe of the beauty of Parisian department stores, German department stores don’t really succeed in making a girl’s dreams come true….

Summarizing, I couldn’t have been any sadder to leave this beautiful city, even though I nearly plunged myself into debts because of all the pretty clothes, makeup and skincare products, but also because food and drinks in Paris are ever so expensive (Coke costs 8€)…. Paris just brings this special charm to the table which no other city can compete with. Paris makes me happy and feel sophisticated – I wore my fedora every day! London is still my number 1 favorite city in Europe, however Paris is a really strong contender. Paris, je t’aime ♥




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