Bloggerboxx Masha Sedgwick Edition

Sorry for rolling off the earth for a bit, life happened, I’m sure you understand! However, today I got a goodie for you: Bloggerboxx was ever so kind to send me their first ever box, the Masha Sedgwick edition with products handpicked by herself. I’ve been following her for quite some time now, she’s a real style icon, so I was definitely very interested when I heard about this opportunity. But let’s not ramble on for to long, show the people what’s in it…


It’s no secret that I’m in love with a dark red lip, so I was chuffed to see the Be Legendary lipstick by Smashbox in the color “FIG” in the box. I’ve never tried any Smashbox products before, but I’ve always wanted to. After I gave it a little swatch on my hand, I was head over heels for it. A definite must-have for fall! 

Another goodie were the nail polishes by Anny Cosmetics. Usually I’m an Essie girl through and through, but I’ve heard a lot of bloggers rave about those nail polishes online and honestly I love the colors (“Only Red” & “Nude”) and the brush fits perfectly on my nails, so these are definitely a winner!

I’ve been using the Huile Prodigieuse oil by Nuxe for quite some time now, therefore I was stoked to finally own a small size product for my handbag! Body, face or even hair, this oil fixes EVERYTHING without being shiny! I love this product especially for the summer months as my hair can be quite frizzy and drying. I just take a tiny drop in my hands and put it in the tips of my hair, done!

I’ve never heard about the brand Love Me Green before, but when I opened the Bloggerboxx this was the first product to catch my eye. The packaging is so beautiful, and we all know I’m a sucker for that. The smell of the organic revitalising hand cream is heavenly, not to mention that it has 98% natural ingredients with sesame oil, shea butter and aloe vera!  

My hair is quite fine, so I really can’t use any products that weigh my hair down a lot. I’ve tried a lot of sea salt sprays before, but only some did the job to give me the beachy instead of the greasy look. I’ve tried some products by KMS California and can really recommend them, therefore I’m excited to try their new touch on the good old sea salt spray -the Hairplay Playable Texture.

 If you take a look in my makeup drawer, you will discover my addiction for mascara. I own quite a selection, including a couple by Catrice Cosmetics. Catrice is a reliable and affordable staple in German drugstores, so I was very happy with Masha’s choice to select the luxury lashes mascara as her eye product of choice. Even on a no makeup day, I will always wear mascara when leaving the house, it just makes me look a little bit more awake. Right after the Bloggerboxx arrived this morning, I put on the Catrice Cosmetics luxury lashes mascara and was really happy with it. Great choice!

Last but definitely not least is this beauty: the “Cara” sunglasses by Mister Spex. I was on the hunt for mirrored sunglasses for quite some time now, but couldn’t decide on which ones to get. Thankfully Masha and the Bloggerboxx team now helped me with my choice! I LOVE them, unfortunately my pea-head is a little bit to small so the sunglasses glide off my face when I look down, but thanks to their great quality I can get that fixed easily at any optician! 

All in all, I LOVE the Bloggerboxx! They chose a great selection of products and I’m more than happy to try them all and include them in my routine! Again, thanks a lot, I’m so stoked! Next months Bloggerboxx theme is New York City, so I’m sure they’ll outdo themselves once again! What are your favorite products ever? Anything I NEED to try? ♥



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