The Weekend According to My iPhone 

Oh dear, my weekend  was so busy, filled with fun events and hard work! It started off with 15 people examining my apartment on friday – keep in mind that I only live on 30m²- who were interested in renting it when I move out myself, which will be fairly soon!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure to take part at the lovely Blogger Breakfast at the Heimathafen café in Wiesbaden and met a lot of nice fellow bloggers from the Rhein-Main area, which was nice as being a blogger in the suburbs can be a little bit lonely at times. I was especially happy to finally meet Nina from Mainzer Wohnzimmer in person, who I’ve been following for quite some time now – go check her out! Also, a huge thank you goes out to Giovanno from Stadtblogozin for organizing and Feine Billetterie and Senseo for sponsoring this great event!

My original plan after my breakfast to check out the Gaustraßenfest in Mayence, and Fuchs & Bente‘s DIY workshop in particular, was cancelled due to renovating my new apartment aka the bf’s old place. However, I actually did make to the Gaustraßenfest, but only to have one of dicke lilli, gutes kind‘s amazing lemonades! Next year, I’ll definitely put a big fat note in my calendar to attend the entire thing, because I really enjoyed myself!


Well, Sunday was dedicated to removing wallpaper and discovering black streaks on the anticipated white wall, but oh well. That said, I am very stoked to share the finished result with you once I’ve moved and it’s done completely. Until then I hope you have an amazing week and enjoy the sunshine ♥





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