When I think of love a few things come to mind. That annoying record by Haddaway. Hearts, obviously. Flowers, roses to be even more specific. And weirdly enough hands, because for me love is always associated with holding hands. It’s as simple as this, people holding hands make me think of love.

Given the fact that gay marriage was legalized this week in the US, my feed on twitter, facebook, tumblr and every social media was full of messages of love. Which is nice, because usually it’s filled with a lot of irony, hate and opinions.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always love the idea of love. I  think it’s something really special, even though my parents got a divorce when I was 4. Considered on how lucky you are, it can be reasonably hard to obtain. People go their whole life trying to find love or go their whole life trying to think about the idea of love.

Love is a tricky thing. A lot of the time things don’t quite work out the way you want them to. The chemistry wasn’t quite right, you’re not feeling the way you want to – i’s not electric or life-changing. Your hands don’t quite fit together and you can’t find a comfortable sleeping position either. The timing probably just wasn’t right. You just don’t feel it – which is fine, because not everyone you meet is someone you’ll fall in love with.

It takes some time to find the right person, and if you do, it just fits. You find that missing piece to your puzzle, which you might have not even seemed to be missing before. You’re finally able to see the big picture. Love is a big word to describe something you’re meant to be feeling. But I think love is something a lot simpler than that. I think it just takes two people that are committed and want to take a journey together. Who feel comfortable in each others presence, who laugh at each others stupid jokes, who are allowed to feel stressed and angry, but instead of venting on each other, team up and find a reasonable solution for the problem.

For me, love isn’t just about happiness, it’s about sharing emotions, sharing your entire life with a person. If you like someone a hell of a lot, even like them for their flaws and are committed to make it work – for me that is love. I think you just want to find a best friend, someone you really get along with. But with that being said, I don’t think love needs to be as big as it hyped to be. I think it just takes the right circumstances, the right person and commitment. ♥


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  1. So schön gesagt! Mit der richtigen Person, zur richtigen Zeit, ist Liebe so simpel und unkompliziert. Keine großen Worte, keine großen Gesten…sie ist einfach da. Ganz leicht und selbstverständlich, weil es ihr Platz ist. So empfinde ich es 😊


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