Product Review BonjourHK Make Up and Skincare

I was so happy when the lovely people of BonjourHK contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try some of their products. I’ve heard a lot about Asian skincare, but even though I’ve lived in Asia for 9 months, haven’t tried any yet. So naturally, I said yes!

Some stuff, I got sent, didn’t really fit in my beauty regime, so I gave them away to friends to try them out. But others are now staples in my routine and I LOVE them!

The Pocket tweezers are amazing and even get rid of the smallest hairs! Obviously, they’re no Tweezerman quality, but they’re a really great budget alternative!!

The thing I was most excited about were the sheet masks! I’ve heard all the rumors about this revolutionary product in the beauty community, so I was stoked to give them a try! I actually used the Etude House Pearl mask yesterday, I’m sick at the moment and needed a pick me up for my skin! It contains amino acids and minerals and helped my skin to get some of its glow back! You may look a little bit creepy wearing it – the cat didn’t appreciate my look at all – but it really gives your skin that moisture boost!

The pore cleansing tool from Dr. Bauer works a littler bit like the Clarasonic. Its bristles are really soft and the vibration distributes the product nicely on your entire skin. Unfortunately, the foam cleanser BonjourHK sent with it broke me out. My skin is very sensitive, so I had a feeling this product wouldn’t work for me. However, when I gave it to a friend, she said she absolutely loved to product.

Last but not least, I want to talk about the cute hand cream from Etude House that arrived in my package. I mean, just look at it, isn’t it adorable? And the smell is divine, just like peonies on a summery day!

Thanks so much BonjourHK, I can highly recommend your products! Asian skincare ftw ♥




      1. Hong-Kong and Japan are my two next destinations in November. I am really looking forward to it. Especially Japan, I’ve heard so many great things about the country and he Japanese people 🙂


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