A Food Guide to Bali

For the past two weeks, I’ve been exploring the beautiful island of Bali with the bf. I know this is no excuse for being literally invisible to my blog for weeks, but life happened. I had to write my thesis and I am actually very proud I finished it. Now, I am able to concentrate on things I love doing again, which basically means blogging and traveling. Oh and looking for a job. So, if you got one, hook me up 😉 But let’s not drift off too far, let’s talk about healthy-ish food in Bali!


Our hotel, the Astagina Resort Villa and Spa was located in Legian, which is basically in between Kuta (the party mecca of Bali) and Seminyak (hipster area). As our hotel was still in its soft-opening phase, we were able to afford this 5 star beauty for once! We really loved everything about it, the amazing pool, very friendly staff, clean rooms and delicious breakfast.. I would very much recommend this place to EVERYONE.

The Marzano Cafe serves literally the best pizza outside of Italy. The owner is originally from Italy and moved to Bali a couple of years ago. It’s not chic or fancy, so you can easily miss it when walking around the double six area, but the food is heavenly – at least the starters and mains. Sadly, the panna cotta was a bit disappointing. If you’re in the area, def give this a try!


Thanks to the recommondations of Epicurina, who is a fabulous foodblogger from Bali, we were able to discover some hidden gems all around the island. Our first food orgasm was thanks to Balique restaurant. We decided on the Mediterranean lamb burger and the filet steak sandwich. I was stunned by the beauty of this vintage cafe and we devoured every bit of our meal – fantastic!


The Shelter Cafe is one of the best and healthiest restaurants I’ve been to so far. Usually, I’m more the burger and fries kinda girl, but lately me and the bf are trying to be a bit healthier. Well, we still eat cake, pizza and burger at last once a week, but we’re trying 😀 Anyways…. Shelter’s atmosphere is special, it is hipstery, yes, but still you can feel really comfortable without the pressure to order tofu or a wheatgrass shot. We loved it so much, we even went twice. And ordered the same salad again, it was so good! The Weffy’s salad comes with beetroot, carrot, spinach, alfalfa, basil, grilled tempe, roasted chicken, pumpkin, avocado, dill, a feta beetroot whip, hummus with toasted pita and a honey and balsamic dressing. It’s literally heaven in a salad. Even the bf loved it, and he doesn’t usually like hummus. If you go, please sit on the patio, it’s beautiful and ever so calming! Big love! 

If you fancy a real cool location with great coffee and detox water, you should head straight to the Food Folk. It’s literally Instagram in a café. They have succulents, mason jars, cute interior, you gotta love it! Also, very tasty food! It’s a bit far off, but honestly, cabs are so cheap in Bali, it’s not a huge deal. Food Folk def gets a big thumbs up and ranks in my top two of Bali’s best restaurants (at least the ones I tried!).



To enjoy this little beauty, you have to hike your way up the rice fields of rural Ubud, which is the cultural center of Bali. There are no roads, you just walk and walk for maybe 30 minutes to the middle of nowhere. But let me tell, it’s well worth it! The food is, again, very healthy and fresh. In fact, you can pick vegetables and fruit off their organic garden and they prepare a meal for you. There are chickens running around, which is kind of morbid as I ordered the Satay Chicken which was VERY fresh 😉 The only thing that kinda put us off a bit, were the bamboo straws, just because it seemed unhygienic and we were afraid of getting the ‘Bali Belly’. But, if your’e in Ubud, do not miss the Sari Organic!


Fancy a special burger? Well, maybe you should try the black ones at the Nebula Room in Kuta. It’s made with bamboo charcoal and it’s really delicious! The beef is amazing, the fries, however, lack portion-wise as you can see. It’s right next to Poppie’s lane which is the most popular shopping area in Kuta.

We coincidentally stumbled into the Fat Chow as we were exhausted from shopping and were desperate for an ice cold drink. It’s an Asian-fusion restaurant which makes bloody good green tea milkshakes! Originally, we weren’t really hungry, but when we saw other people’s food, we HAD to get at least some starters to share – pork satay sticks and some Asian pulled pork burgers with a soft brioche bun. The Fat Chow isn’t like anything I’ve tasted before, it’s an explosion in your mouth!  

Don’t get me wrong, we also went to Warungs which serve typical Balinese food, this is just a compilation of the top 8 restaurants we went to! ♥



  1. If I ever go back which I hope one day I will haha I am definitely going to try some of these places! Ubud is definitely on the top of my list! Also may I ask what camera you used for these pics? They look great 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, I just use my iPhone 5 at the moment, still waiting to being able to afford a big girl Nikon camera. But glad you like them anyways 🙂


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