My New Go-To: KIKO Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation

Lovely people of the internet,

today, I want to quickly review my newly bought KIKO Milano Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation! After hearing Lily Pebbles rave about this beauty and realizing it was only 5,90 €, I had to get it!

The foundation comes in 20 shades, so it’s a fit for nearly everyone – I am obviously the lightest shade, which is Light Peach! A little goes a long way with this foundation, so don’t push out too much of it. It applies like a dream, best with your bare hands or a beauty blender because it gives you that natural finish! It’s really lightweight and hydrating (also works great for oily skin) and feels more like a tinted moisturizer, which I really love!  Overall it’s a great foundation for everyday and especially comes in handy for traveling ♥



  1. I ended up buying this in 2 shades, one for when I’m tan and one when I’m pale, as I thought this was going to be my new holy grail base but I hate it 😩 it makes my oily skin look like an oil slick. I’m so jealous you love it! xx

    1. Oh no! Bummer! I was gonna buy it for when I’m tan too, but I don’t tend to tan too much! Maybe I’ll wait for summer to arrive and test it out first, might be too oily for me too! I have combination skin, that’s why it might work for me now! So sorry to hear that! Can’t you resell or return it? xx

      1. Yeah I can be very oily so maybe I should have just bought one first haha! I got so excited to find it I could help buy more than one. I may try and palm it off to a friend! xx


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