The Truth Behind The Online Beauty Industry

Lovely people of the internet,
I have to admit, I spend a huge amount of my spare time watching Youtube, beauty videos in particular, which make me want to spend my hard earned cash on expensive beauty products rather than food. I was sweet-talked by beauty gurus explaining to me the necessity of dewy skin and red lips accompanied by ukulele music. I was contemplating about how to get rid of my non-existing (not yet anyways) wrinkles, always on the hunt for the perfect eye cream (which you definitely need to use after you turn 21, they said!), when it hit me: I was sucked into the world of beauty and been whored out by hauls.
Girls just wanna have Funds

Due to working in Marketing, Journalism and Social Media, I am well aware of the online industry and the (sometimes) faked joy behind telling huge sect-like audiences about their “favorite products” when in fact most of the products are paid placements. The mascara your beauty maven of choice proclaims to be the best in town might just be worth 10.000€ on her own bank account. Let’s be real here people – we would probably love a mascara in return for a bunch of cash on our bank accounts too, wouldn’t we? It’s serious money. As serious as the love and trust they earn from their mostly young and self-conscious following though. How are they able to find a balance between not abusing the trust and money of your loving audience (or their mothers) and making a living for themselves?
Being in my late twenties, I obviously know now that beauty doesn’t depend on the pricey shit you put on face but from what your papa and mama gave you – but I didn’t know that when I was a pubescent little village child trying to fit in, which is in fact the vast majority audience of said Youtubers. Don’t get me wrong, not all beauty mavens fall into that category, but it might be worth contemplating about if you really need to buy “the best product in the world” next time or if it’s just filling up their bank accounts. While you  do that, I’ll be over here obsessing over tons and tons of Youtube videos, making lists on what thing’s I DEFINITELY need in my life, be it beauty, home or clothing wise! Stay lovely ♥


  1. Used to be obsessed with youtube but honestly my bank account revolted hahaha, also creating looks takes ages and I love to sleep so my beauty grind was short lived 😛
    Great post

  2. Really interesting article! I love watching beauty related Youtube videos as well and a lot of the time I check to see what is being said on Youtube about a specific product before I buy it. I might have to think twice about doing that now though! You’re right, I can’t be sure if that’s how they honestly feel or if it’s sponsored by the company.

  3. I love watching YouTube beauty videos. But the Sephora hauls blow my mind! Sometimes it looks to be about $1000 in products, seriously! (When I go in there, I buy two things and I spend $100 so with a big “haul” it is possible to spend that much in one go.) So yeah, I would definitely be endorsing a product to put money back in my account if I were them, haha. I don’t blame them. I like the ones who say what is sponsored and what isn’t, though.

    1. I don’t blame them either, I just think everything should be handled more openly! As you said people do tell if it’s an ad or not, so why shouldn’t everybody else 🙂


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