Happy Valentine’s Day to Yourself!

Lovely people of the internet,

don’t get your hopes up just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Your partner will still love you as much any other day of the year or you will still be single with your cat and jar of Nutella. Someday everything will make sense and you’ll be high on insouciance and jauntiness.

Love yourself

This day is like any other, a mix of self-realization and disillusion, drive and lethargy, exhilaration and scarred hearts. While you scream higher, faster, further, you just want to decelerate. You act confident, but still are full of self-doubt internally. You learn from your mistakes, nevertheless opt to do them again. You’re on the hunt for Mr. Right, but yet sleep with a lot of wrong men. You wish for commitment, but get lost in trivia. You devote a lot of energy to comparing yourself to other people while you still haven’t found the real “you”.

But some day it will all make sense. Some day you’ll be high on insouciance and jauntiness. Suddenly, there will be clarity. And it will pour down confetti.

Love yourself, before you love anybody else ♥




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