Urban Decay Naked Palettes Dupe: W7 Palettes


Lovely people of the internet,

every girl, their grandmother and their cat knows about the greatness (and expensiveness) of the three Urban Decay Naked Palettes . I just couldn’t fathom why anyone would pay 47,99€ for ONE SINGLE eye shadow palette. That’s insane! This is why I was very intrigued to hear about a dupe which was emerging in the beauty community: The W7 palettes.

To be honest, of course they’re just a cheap knock-off, but hey, I’m a student and I can’t justify to pay more for eye shadow palettes than food. After hearing great things about them all over the internet, I thought it was time to give them a try. I ordered all three of them via Amazon and paid a total of 28.99€ for ALL of them, sounds more like it, right?! I also ordered the dupe of Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, but it has yet to arrive.


From the look of it, as you can tell, they’re pretty similar to the original Urban Decay ones. Obviously, they’re not as well made, but it’s all about the actual shadows, am I right?

Introducing the dupe for the original Naked 1, Lightly Toasted. 12 similar (if not the same) eye shadow colors, great pigmentations, not as shimmery (but that’s definitely fine for me), not much fall-down. The brush that comes with is it, is not really usable, but who takes advantage of this anyway. The only thing that’s lacking is a mirror.


The same holds true for the dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked palette 2, the W7 In the Buff:


Same same but different, the dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 3, W7’s In the Nude:

I obviously haven’t tried every color yet, but I’ve been using this palettes ever since I got them and to be honest my beloved Maybelline color tattoos get kind of jealous! You might not need all three of them, as the colors are pretty similar, but I thought I give it a shot and wasn’t disappointed so far. It’s a great dupe if you’re on a budget or if you can’t justify the price even though you’re loaded with cash πŸ˜‰

Have you tried the W7 palettes yet? If so, how do you like them? Let me know β™₯



  1. I have five W7 palettes. I have the In the Buff, In the Nude , The Beat It palette and the Cheeky Trio. I also have the Lightly Toasted and The Hollywood bronzed palette ordered. I love the W7 palettes. They are a great value. I am wondering if the Beat It palette is a dupe for anything. Dies anyone know?

  2. I am so excited to find this post! I had no idea about this company until just now πŸ™‚ Do you feel that these products provide the same pigmentation as the Naked palettes? Thanks so much!

    1. Well there not as hugely pigmented as the urban decay ones, but you can’t beat the price! Actually tried their fake benefit hoola bronzer as well and it’s pretty good too! I really like the outcome of both and don’t regret the purchase at all!! xx

  3. YOU made me buy it πŸ˜€
    Habe sie mir auch bestellt und sie sind endlich angekommen und ganz ganz wunderbar – du hast nicht zu viel versprochen! πŸ™‚
    Habe auch einen Post dazu verfasst und dich erwΓ€hnt, ich hoffe, das ist okay!
    Alles Liebe,

  4. I use the In The Buff palette daily, I love it! Here in the UK I’ve managed to find a shop (just up the road from me WOOP) that does them for Β£14 which I believe is about 19 euros!

  5. Hey du πŸ™‚ bin gerade zum ersten mal auf deinem Blog und bin begeistert πŸ™‚ folge dir nun auch auf facebook. von diesen dupes habe ich bisher noch gar nicht gehΓΆrt, ich werde sie mir gleich auch bei amazon nΓ€her anschauen πŸ™‚ Bist du immernoch zufrieden?? ganz liebe grüße, kristine

    1. Hey! Oooh, das hΓΆr ich aber gerne! πŸ™‚ Bin immer noch sehr zufrieden damit! Wie gesagt, brauch man wahrscheinlich nicht alle 3, aber ich konnte mich nich beherrschen πŸ˜€ Wenn du sie bestellst, sag Bescheid wie du sie findest πŸ™‚ liebe grüße und helau aus Mainz, Caro

  6. These look like a great alternative to the Naked palettes – it would be interesting to see if anyone has swatched them side by side.


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