Look the Part to Get the Role: Buying Sports Clothing


Lovely people of the internet,

so here I am auditioning for the role of an athlete. I had this plan for quite a while now in my head, even subscribed to fitness gurus on Youtube, but successfully put it off for as long as possible. So long until my friend gave me a yoga mat for my birthday. Well, actually, I postponed it again, because my birthday was more than a month ago… I quit my gym membership in November after being a member for 1.5 years and actively training for probably 7 days (well worth it… :-/ ) . Today I thought I had to get my butt in gear, literally, and buy myself some stylish fitness attire to trick my mind into thinking that I WANT to do sports. 

Ta-Da, here’s what I got:




H&M has a great sports department with great quality for cheap. The sport tights were 19.99€ each and the tops were 14.99€, noone can beat that, if you ask me! Untypically, I chose bright colors and heavy patterns! As for shoes, I went for the typical Nike Free Run 2 GS, luckily I am a size 39/6.5, so I can still buy at the kids department 😉

And here’s my list of Youtube fitness stuff, I’ll probably be hating to do the next couple of weeks…

Maybe you got some tricks for me how to enjoy an athletic and healthy lifestyle – because I can’t think of a lot to be quite frank… ♥



  1. Omg! I do the same thing! My boyfriend thinks I’m weird haha. I buy gym clothes and put them on and then people think I’ve been working out but all I really did was put the clothes on! D;
    I thought it would help motivate me to actually exercise haha hasn’t worked yet.

    By the way, I love your blog!
    sammy xo

  2. Ich kommentiere jetzt mal frech auf Deutsch – ich hoffe, das ist auch okay für dich 😉
    Genau DAS ist auch mein Trick, meinen Kopf immer damit dazu bringen Sport zu machen, weil ich dann ja meine tollen Teile ausführen kann 😀
    Und so dämlich es klingt – wenn ich etwas Neues beim Sport anhabe streng ich mich immer besonders an. Klingt wirklich seltsam, muss ich zugeben 😉
    Einen tollen Blog baust du dir auf!
    Alles Liebe,
    Annika von annywhere

    1. Hey! Klar ist deutsch auch ok 🙂 Danke auch für das Feedback, hör ich immer gerne! Find die h&m Teile halt wirklich sehr schick, von Preis-Leistung mal ganz abgesehen! Perfekte Teile! Kompliment kann ich nur zurück geben, dein Blog ist toll 🙂


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