First Post…

Caro - Dear to heartLovely people of the internet,

as of last year, I told myself that I needed to buck up my ideas and start a blog. So here you go. I have finally had the gut to start it… Dear to Heart reflects everything which is (obviously) a matter to the heart for me. Be it traveling, beauty, lifestyle, diy’s, interior design, inspiration, style, anything that tickles my fancy! You should expect to see new posts at least once a week, depending on my schedule and eagerness maybe more! I will try my best to link everything, if I can still find it, if not, I make sure to tell you where I got it from. All opinions on this blog are my own and even if something might be sponsored in the future, I will still be as honest and critical as usual!

If you have any suggestions or critique, please let me know and I make sure to get back to you and improve!

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And for now, this is it! Let’s roll… I guess… ♥



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